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Business Retirement Plans & 401(k) Plans

Considering an employer sponsored plan for your business, or need assistance with your current plan? We can help evaluate how to make the most of the tax and business advantages granted to qualified plans.

  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • 401(k) Administration
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
  • Defined Benefits Plans
  • 401(k) Advisory Services
  • Retirement Plan Administration

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Employer-sponsored retirement plans can offer tremendous advantages for your business and employees. EIP will help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities through guided discussions, tailored retirement plans and plan-specific reports.

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Participant Quick Links

Saving for retirement can be a challenge for many Americans, which is why your Employer is committed to providing you with a retirement plan to help you accomplish your retirement goals. Please contact our office with any questions you may have regarding your plan.

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Contribution Limits
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EIP Exchange Login Help

First-time users, your EIP Exchange username is your full social security number (no dashes or spaces) and your password is the last four digits of your social security number.

Returning users who have forgotten their username or password, click “forgot your login” inside the Exchange Login box to reset your credentials.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Online enrollment is separate from EIP Exchange. EIP Exchange is for managing your investments after you have completed the online or paper enrollment. Please allow the EIP Exchange system at least 24 hours to update after submitting your online enrollment.

401(k) EIP online enrollment

Online Enrollment 

Online enrollment allows you to enroll in your company’s retirement plan. It also allows you to review your retirement benefits offered by your employer. You will need your company’s access code to proceed.

Enroll in my 401(k) Plan

Your Access Code is included inside your enrollment booklet. Not all companies have online enrollment available – hard copy enrollment materials will be provided instead.
Affordable 401(k) plans

401(k) plans have never been easier

EIP’s bundled approach is simple, transparent and is affordable for both the Employer and Employee. We perform all services needed to properly administer and maintain the qualified status of corporate retirement plans.

Retirement plan design

Retirement Plan Design | Legal Documents

Careful consideration should be given to design a retirement plan that helps to maximize benefits and meet the specific needs of your organization.
Retirement Plan Administration

Plan Administration | TPA Services

Administration of a plan includes plan testing,  employee notifications, processing plan requests, filing annual returns, reconciling plan assets, reviewing eligibility & more.
Retirement Plan Reporting

Plan Reporting Services

Our processes and expertise allow us to streamline ongoing plan reporting requirements so that you can rest assured that all of your plan’s obligations are being met.
401(k) recordkeeping services

Plan Recordkeeping Services

Through our fully integrated system we keep track of plan contributions, withdrawals and individual participant account balances.
3(38) investment manager -fiduciary

3(38) Investment Manager | Fiduciary

We advise plan sponsors on their fiduciary liability by serving as an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager. This creates a co-fiduciary relationship between your plan and our firm.
401(k) enrollment meetings

Enrollment Meetings | Ongoing Education

Retirement plans provide enormous benefits to employees, however communicating that value can be complicated. To help, EIP sponsors in-office enrollment meetings.
401(k) Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment | EIP Exchange

Participants have 24/7 access to investment returns, allocations and account balances through EIP Exchange. Online enrollment helps to streamline the process.
401(k) managed investment accounts

Managed Investment Accounts

EIP provides a simple investment process that allows participants to choose a diversified portfolio within their plan based upon their risk tolerance or age.
Low-cost 401(k) Investment Options

Low-Cost 401(k) Investment Options

EIP has an open-architecture trading and custodial platform that gives participants access to quality, low-cost mutual and index funds including Vanguard, DFA and many more.
401(k) Plans in Austin, Houston, Dallas

Local leader in business retirement plans, retirement plan administration and 401(k) plan advisory services.

Since 1974, EIP has served as Austin’s leader in business retirement plans. We take pride in serving our community and value the relationships we have built with local businesses. As Austin, Houston, Dallas and the rest of Texas continues to innovate and grow, we look forward to helping more employers provide valuable benefits to attract and retain top talent. 
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