Small businesses invest plan assets in a variety of funding vehicles. The trustee of the plan (normally the business owner) is responsible for the investment of plan assets “prudently” and “for the exclusive benefit” of plan participants. This is referred to as “trustee directed” and means the trustee can be held responsible for the performance of investments. Another option of investing is referred to as “participant directed.” This format allows the participant to direct the investment of their accounts. The trustee (or employer) will determine the investments from which employees can choose and is responsible for educating the employees on the investment options

Generally the investment powers (and limitations) for the trustee are contained in the trust document. Investments might include mutual funds, certificates of deposit, real estate, stocks, bonds, annuities or life insurance contracts. Employee Incentive Plans, Inc (EIP) can provide you with various investment options for your plan. EIP will help you determine the right choice of investments as well as create an investment policy for the plan.

EIP Exchange

EIP Exchange is our open-architecture trading and custodial platform, and one of the largest in the nation. Through Exchange, employers are able to offer participants investment choices from a vastly larger universe compared to other trading programs. The open-architecture trading system enables participants to utilize a wide array of investments across multiple product sponsors. Exchange also provides a website for participant education along with trading and investment direction. On a fiduciary level, trustees will be provided detailed plan investment performance and allocation summaries to monitor investment selections and to allow for prudent investment alternatives.

Bridge Portfolios

For participants who feel unprepared or uncomfortable managing their own investments as part of their retirement plan, our advisory services provide a streamlined process for managing the account on behalf of the participant. This option offers participants professional money management for their retirement plan accounts along with investment selection recommendation and trade execution. To obtain additional information about the Bridge Portfolios or to enroll in professional money management services, please call (512) 258-4040 or email us.

Individual Investment Options

For individuals who wish to personally invest funds from outside their retirement plans, we offer a comprehensive investment solution. Our wealth management group provides investment and planning services, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 529 plan college savings accounts, as well as personal investment accounts for individuals, families, and corporations. We also provide insurance and annuities to help balance your portfolio. Our firm helps design a comprehensive and cost-effective investment package for your and your family’s needs to prepare and provide for a better retirement.

Planning services are provided by AtlasMark Financial, Inc, and investment services provided by Securities America, Inc.